An actor reel is a necessary tool for actors in this digital age.  While we know this, sometimes there are many obstacles to creating one.  


I used to wonder, "how can I make my actor reel if no one gives me copies of my work."  For you it may be your work is outdated, you simply haven't done enough on camera work or you are transitioning from theater.  Whatever the reason rest assured we can help you.
Our team will write, direct, film and edit scenes for your actor reel.


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During our consultation we, you or your agent/manager will work together to set the premise(s) for your scene. Our team will then write the scene(s) for you.


If you already have scene(s) you want to film you can use them and save money on your package.


​We will edit your scene(s) using Final Cut Pro. If you provide a digital copy of your headshot we can add it to your video so you get a professional actor reel.



During filming we will direct you if necessary to help you show your talents. We will support you throughout this process.


We film using professional camera and sound equipment. We will light the scene and give you a real "on set" experience.


When we have finished editing your reel we will provide you with a DVD, a quicktime file, and an internet file. We can also upload your reel to Youtube and Vimeo.