Frequently Asked Questions 

If your question is not answered below please email us. 


What is the process from start to finish?


A member of our team will have a consultation with you to understand what you need, set the premise(s) for your scene(s), go over the contract and any questions you may have.  
After you submit your deposit for the actor reel package of your choice our team will write your scene(s).  You will receive them at least 6 calendar days prior to your film date.  You will have 2 calendar days to review and approve your scene(s).  
Full cash payment must be made when you arrive on the day of your shoot, we will provide a receipt.  
Payment made by check or money order must be paid 7 business days prior to your shoot date.
On your shoot day we will film your scenes and review your performances with you before we move on.
Your reel will then be edited and delivered to you 7 calendar days after your film date. 


Can I split my session with a friend?

No.  This session is about your reel and we don't want to split our focus. 


Hair, Make up, Wardrobe & Props.

You are responsible for your own hair, makeup, wardrobe and props. You can bring your makeup artist and hair stylist with you. If you need, we can put you in touch with makeup artists and hair stylists that we know. You are responsible for any fees they require. 


Can I write my own scene?


Yes. If you want to write your own scene you will get a $50 discount for each scene. However, we are not responsible if you are unhappy with the finished product because the material is bad. 
If you stick with us writing your script we will work with you to craft a premise(s) that fits you. After we deliver your scenes to you, you will have two calendar days to review. At this point any objections to content or specific word choice should be made known to us. We will then return the finalized script(s) 24 hours after we receive your feedback.


Who will stand in as my scene partner?


You will need to bring someone to stand in as your scene partner. They will be shot over the shoulder and won't be featured in your actor reel.


Can I get all my raw footage?

Although we prefer to provide you with only your final edited actor reel, for an additional $100 you can purchase all of your unedited raw footage.


What if I don't like my actor reel once its delivered?

If the problem is a mistake on our part, bad lighting or sound we will reshoot at no extra cost to you. If the issue is dissatisfaction with your performance or material, reshooting will cost extra.
At every step we give you an opportunity to approve moving on to the next step. At any time you are not satisfied we encourage you to tell us.


Will I get a refund if I need to cancel?


The day you submit your deposit is the day we begin working for you. Once work begins for you we are unable to refund your deposit. If you paid in full and cancel you will receive a refund minus your deposit.


How long will you hold on to my footage?

We will hold on to your actor reel for one year. We will hold on to your raw footage for 60 days. If you need an extra copy of your reel you can purchase 1 playable dvd of your reel, a quicktime file and internet version for $35.

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